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Baby Furniture Tips

By Damian Rendall-Guy January 08, 2019 0 comments

When Should I Start Shopping for A Baby Cot?

It's good to think about your nursery well before you welcome your baby into the world. By the end of your first trimester, you should start gathering ideas, clearing out a space for baby furniture, and thinking of the colours you plan to use for the room. Some choices to consider are whether to purchase a cot bed and a piece to use as a changing area, or a cot bed that offers the versatility to change into a toddler and/or full-size bed to grow with your child; as well as dressers that can be used as changers and carry into the future as well as other storage pieces.

You will probably want your baby crib and other nursery furniture set up in the room before your baby shower, in order to have things ready before your nesting instinct kicks in, or in case your baby arrives early. This will also give you a chance to inspect your babies furniture for any missing parts or defects. You will probably want to add a glider or rocker for late night feedings and rocking your baby to sleep. (Many say this is a 'must have item'!) You will also want time to wash your baby's items, add wall decor, and put the finishing touches on your room. By your 36th week, the only thing you will want to be waiting on is your new baby to arrive!


Should I Invest to a Convertible Cot?

We get asked many times whether it is worth the investment to purchase a convertible cot bed. The short answer is 'Yes'! Although a lot of customers are attracted to the look of a traditional cot; once they compare prices, customers realise they can get a convertible cot for the same price as a traditional cot and visa-versa, depending on style, detail work and manufacturer. If our customer is just starting a family and plans on using the cot in the "crib-stage" for multiple children, the value of having the ability to convert to a toddler bed and eventually a full-size bed becomes more appealing, especially because all of their children will eventually need a bed, and this one has long been paid for. If a dresser (and perhaps chest) were purchased at the same, there is a whole bedroom group to grow with a child. Before convertible cots were available, customers were forced to buy a cot bed and changing table piece, and then a few years later had to start over with new furniture. Now, not only do cot beds convert to toddler beds, but dressers can accommodate mats and pads to be used as changing areas that come off to be used as regular chest units later.

A few tips that help when choosing cot styles are to keep in mind that the back of your cot will become the headboard of your child's full-size bed. Don't be afraid to ask what the conversion looks like. After all, your child will be in a bed much longer than he or she will be in a crib or even a toddler bed. Take into consideration whether you prefer a straight or curved top to your headboard, whether it be panelled, tufted, intricately detailed etc. There are many styles, textures and colour choices available. Once you are ready to convert your cot bed, you have options as well. You can purchase a conversion kit, which allows you to use the front rail of your crib as the footboard of the full-size bed. You can also use a metal frame to support your box spring and mattress and use only your headboard.

All of these choices can be overwhelming in the beginning, but with suggestions and planning, we can help you decide what will work for you to make the nursery of your dreams as well as get your child's room on its way to transition from baby to toddler and throughout their teen years!


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